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Celebrating a relaunch of

I finally got time to blog again, and there will be lots of things to cover!

The last few years I spent exploring more of the potential of Microsoft 365. Both from an end user, a business development, and an administrative perspective. I’ve become a Microsoft Certified Trainer and even started my own company Teams Nordic.

Microsoft 365 and Microsoft teams have been a passion and a profession for the last 5 years. I developed from an advanced user to a trainer, worked as a senior consultant and much more.

Changing the name, keeping the logo

The blog started as Teams Sverige as a Swedish blog. When I moved back to Norway, I changed it to Teams Nordic and began writing in English, and now it will be Teams Blog for SMB.

The logo was originally designed by Therese at Artess, when I started the company she redesigned it to match the new theme. But throwing away something is a waste, so kept it for my blog.

Redesign and relaunch

When I decided to relaunch this blog, I wanted to focus on the content. I spent quite some time with the old design, but why waste time on the fancy stuff? A sleek and simple design gives focus to the content, and a toggle for dark mode gives the reader their preferred design when reading.

Content and focus

The blog will contain something for everyone interested in Microsoft 365. Some areas I will cover:

  • Applications, what they are, how to use and smart tips.
  • Administration and setup of Business Premium tenants.
  • Guides to benefit from the tools
  • Common Questions/Problems and solutions
  • PowerShell scripts and tips

Thank you for joining me and looking forward to sharing my experience and knowledge!