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🧲 Channel icons makes your channels pop 🎨

Icons are a part of our every day life, we see them on our phones and computers. So why not do the same to your channels? Channel icons are a great way of visualizing the purpose of a channel.

Add custom channel icons

This can be done on every channel, except General. I do recommend that you create the channel first with the name it should have, or else your folder structure will have the icons as well.

  1. Right click the channel you want to give a channel icon and choose Edit this channel
  2. Place the cursor at the beginning of the channel name.
  3. Press Windows + .  or Windows + ; to open the emojis and choose one.
    On mac it’s Ctrl + Cmd + Space.
  4. Choose the emoji you want and click save.

Channel icons affect the channel order

Channels are listed alphabetically in Teams. Since every emoji technically is a combination of symbols and letters, they will be listed alphabetically by their technical name, thus it will seem like they are in a random order.