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Structure in Teams

Structure in Teams

Just as there are many ways to decorate a house, the same goes for a team*s collaboration “rooms” in Microsoft Teams. 💡One of the best tips I learned from my boss @Ståle Hansen, was to set a default order of apps/icons in the left side menu in Teams. This makes it easier to communicate whenContinue reading “Structure in Teams”

Microsoft 365 Governance and adoption resouces

List of favourite blogs and resources related to Microsoft 365 Governance: Where does Microsoft 365 store your data A detailed guide ( Enabling Modern Collaboration – Microsoft Adoption Periodic Table of Microsoft 365 – 2022 Edition | jumpto365 Blog

Microsoft events

Microsoft Updates and News List of recent updates and news events In Seattle: November 14-17, 2023 | Online: November 15-16, 2023 Your home for Microsoft Ignite Microsoft Event – AI Innovations across Microsoft 365, Surface, Windows, Bing and more… Microsoft has led a huge boom in hashtag#AI innovation this year – from our extended partnership withContinue reading “Microsoft events”