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Work time management

Calculator – Investing in education to free up time


Daniel Kaaven

Daniel Kåven

Digital Pedagogue & MCT

Mastering the art of Modern Work with Microsoft 365. My main focus is adoption and holistic Digital Transformation.

Calculator – Investing in education to free up time

How are much are 1 hour improvement a day worth? This calculator might help you argue for investing in you and your collegues.

To get a company to value and improve their workers time is a struggle. Better tools, better structure and better training fo pay off. According to McKinsey an average of 20-25% of the day could be made more efficient. That’s 1,5-2 hour a day!

When I talk to management I’ve used a localized version of this calculator to show the value of improving processes, workflows and education.

I hope this can help more people argue for an improved worklife.


This calculator is a work in progress, I’ve only added base salary saving, but the cost for the company are usually higher. 


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