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Digitalization Manifesto


Daniel Kaaven

Daniel Kåven

Digital Pedagogue & MCT

Mastering the art of Modern Work with Microsoft 365. My main focus is adoption and holistic Digital Transformation.

Digitalization Manifesto

My principles and values when implementing new technology in Small-Medium Businesses.

This is a document I wrote years ago which have been reviced and updated. It describe how I work with implementation of new technology in Small-Medium Businesses. As a work in progress, it’s in no way done, and will be developed as I do.

It’s inspired by Toyota Way (Lean) and as The Agile Mainfesto.

Core principles

  • People are your core asset, tend to them.
  • Have a dynamic mindset and build rigid structures.
  • KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)


  1. Core systems define the core structure. Add systems that can integrate to the core structure.
  2. Use the tools you have, get the tools you need.
  3. Search and find, information should be searchable.
  4. Master your core skills, choose your partners who complement you.
  5. Knowledge has a limited shelf-life, constant refill is needed.
  6. Work as a team of individuals, let the competence of the individual strengthen the group.
  7. Work to replace yourself, don’t be relient on an individual.
  8. Groups own information, indiviuals share it.
  9. Responsibilities aren’t delegated, tasks are.
  10. Simplifying for new employees, simplies for the experienced.


Network > Hierarcy

Group > Individual

Trust > Control

Dialogue > Monologue

Share > Own

Dynamic > Static


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