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Hidden secrets in The Surf Game in Microsoft Edge

SPOILER ALERT! In this article we’ll cover some of the secrets in the game and how to get them! This article is a follow up for Play the Surf game in Microsoft Edge.

Become the Kraken

Find the Kraken circle, and let them take you. You are now the kraken!

The Kraken Circle

The kraken circle is located around 8-900 meters travel distance down if you go full Left when you start the game.

Thanks to AneekBiswas4407 @ Tech Community.

The dog

The elusive dog has been asked by many, it seems to have a random spawn in the game. If you go straight down from start you’ll find the dog at 3300 meter.

The dog works as protection from anything untill you crash into something and if falls off.

Dog on surfboard

Become the Microsoft Ninjacat

Use the Konami cheat code to become the Microsoft Ninjacat:
⬆️⬆️ ⬇️⬇️ ⬅️➡️ ⬅️➡️ B A

Thanks to Saw.this and Anonymous in the comment! Had to make a small edit A B to B A, thanks for the heads up in the comments!

Cheat codes

In the startscreen you can type in the following cheat codes:

  • MICROSOFT = infinite lives, but you can still be taken by kraken!
  • EDGE = infinite energy
  • BIG = Make your character bigger
  • SAFE = Become invincible, you get a dog that don’t fall off and can’t be taken by Kraken.

Cheat codes will turn of scoring, duh! 😎

Thanks to BenbieIsme11 and Cicada3301 @ Tech Community, as well to A commenter on this post!

Source: The hidden things in the hidden surf games – Microsoft Community Hub

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