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Edge surf

Play the Surf game in Microsoft Edge

The requirements for this game is the Edge Web Browser, after that just go type in edge://surf in the address bar. This get’s you started, if you want to learn more about the game, keep reading!

Start the game by choosing your surfer.

Game modes

In the top left corner you’ll find a hamburger menu with the Game settings.

You can choose from 3 game modes:

  • Let’s surf – Get as far as you can.
  • Time Trial – Get to the finish line in the shortest amount of time.
  • Zig Zag – You need to pass as many gates as you can in a row.

Control your surfer

They main way to control the surfer is using arrow keys or WASD, you can also use the mouse, touch or a controller.

  • Up/W will make you stop
  • F or Double click down will use speed
double left

You can move two steps to either side and down.

Good stuff

Life: Pick this up to add to Life bar

Life bar: You can have max 3, you lose one if you crashe

Energy: Pick this up to add to Energy bar

Energy bar: You can have max 3, double click down to use.

Jump: Gives you a long distance jump that outruns the Kraken.


Dog: Rescue the dog to make youself immune to the Kraken. But if you crash the dog falls of and can’t protect you anymore.

Bad stuff

Except for rocks, debree and other objects that will take a life. You need to escape the Kraken.


Tentacle: Get close and the Kraken will chase you.

Kraken: This is the arms chasing you. Jumps and using energy will make you fast enough to escape.

You lost: If the Kraken catches you, you lose, no matter how many lives you got left.

Skifree, the original

The original version of this game is a cult classic called Skifree. It was created by Chris Pirih and publish by Microsoft in 1991.

The game was part of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack 3 and many of us have played it back in the days.


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