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Leveraging ChatGPT While Awaiting Microsoft’s Copilot Update

This is the first installment in a series that explores the utility of AI-generated content for everyday users. In this article, I’ll share my workflow, which leverages ChatGPT to enhance text structure and readability.

The Efficiency of Voice-to-Text

In our high-speed, multitasking world, typing can sometimes feel like a bottleneck. That’s why I frequently use the Voice-to-Text feature available in Microsoft Word and Windows 11. It acts as a virtual stenographer, instantly converting spoken words into written text—a convenient way to quickly capture thoughts.

The Shortcomings of Voice-to-Text

While Voice-to-Text is excellent for idea generation, it often falls short in delivering polished, publishable content. The output tends to be conversational in tone and may require significant editing to meet professional standards. This is where ChatGPT comes into play.

The Value Add of ChatGPT

After capturing my initial thoughts via Voice-to-Text, I employ ChatGPT to refine and restructure the content. Whether it’s an article, blog post, or report, ChatGPT helps tailor the text to the appropriate format.

The Iterative Process

The first draft from ChatGPT serves as a baseline for further refinement. I import this draft into Word for additional editing. If certain sections require more work, I loop them back through ChatGPT. This iterative process continues until the final product meets my standards.

Why This Matters

The synergy between AI and traditional writing techniques offers compelling advantages. Many individuals have valuable insights but may lack the writing skills or time to articulate them effectively. ChatGPT fills this void, enabling the creation of high-quality content with less effort.

Who Benefits?

  • Individuals with dyslexia
  • Slow typers
  • The neurodiverse community
  • Professionals with heavy workloads


The integration of AI tools like ChatGPT allows both everyday users and specialists to more efficiently convey their expertise in written form. Rather than laboring for hours over a single article, they can focus on proofreading and disseminating a broader range of knowledge.

Note! This article is written with the support of ChatGPT. The cover image is created by Midjourney.

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