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Microsoft 365 Groups Simplified


Daniel Kaaven

Daniel Kåven

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Mastering the art of Modern Work with Microsoft 365. My main focus is adoption and holistic Digital Transformation.

Microsoft 365 Groups Simplified

Learn what you get when you create a group in Microsoft 365. Simple and direct for semi-technical people.

This article is meant to be a simplified explaination on Microsoft 365 Groups from a user perspective. Groups are a central part of Microsoft 365 and their are several uses for it.

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Generates a group mailbox and a group calender. Both are found in Outlook.

If you create the group from Teams, this is hidden in Outlook. To unhide it you need to use PowerShell.

A SharePoint Team site is generated, this gives you access to Document Libraries and the News feature.

Every channel will be a folder in the Document Library. Privat channels will be SharePoint sub-sites and have their own Files and Intranet.

An OneNote is automatically generated it will be named “<teams name> Notebook”.

It’s stored in a Document Library call “Site Assets” in SharePoint.

If you create new OneNotes they will be stored in the folder they are created or the channel folder if created from Teams.

Is not generated, can be added later. If you create a Planner a M365 group will be created as well including everything above.

You can add more than one Planner to a M365 Group.

Teams is my recommended way of creating Groups for normal users. This hides the group from Outlook to avoid confusion.

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