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Power Automate – Auto message new members in a team

This flow requires 4 steps

Four steps

It starts when someone joins a team. we then need to get the @mention token to be able to mention them. To get the name in plain text we get the user profile. Finally we post the message to a channel.

Create a an Automated cloud flow

Create a flow

From Power Automate, click +Create in the left menu and then choose Automate cloud flow.

Give it a name and search for the teams trigger; “When a new member is added“, choose it and click Create.

Trigger: When a new member is added

When a team member is added

First you need to choose which team you want Power Automate to monitor for new users.

Action: Get @mention token for a user

get @mention token

Next is to get the @mention token, choose User Id as User.

Action: Get @mention token for a user

Get user profile

User (UPN) should also be User Id

UPN is an acronym for User Principle Name, in M365 that is the users email address.

Action: Post a message to chat or channel

Post message in a chat or channel

Finally you’ll create a message and post to a specific channel in the team. In this example the channel is the General channel, the headline get the users Given Name from the previous step and the @mention token from step two.

Add a text that fits your team and purpose.

This also supports posting as flow bot, but but then you won’t get the subject line a present time.


Here are the results, the top one is posted as a Flow Bot, the scond as a yourself.

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