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teams Nordic, a place for knowledge

teams Nordic, a place for knowledge

Welcome to teams Nordic, a knowledge portal that helps you understand Microsoft 365, Teams and digitalization in general.

This portal was started in 2018 by Daniel Kåven and back then it was called teams Sverige (Sweden). The plan back then was to create a page with articles in the local language, but now in 2021 I decided to recreate it in English. The old articles are still here, but I will get everything updated and translate in the comming months.

Not only Microsoft 365, there will be more

Although most articles will focus on app features and how to work with Microsoft 365, there will be some articles regarding digitalization as a whole. There will be some articles regarding Open Source software and solutions, work and business structure as well as strategic work and implementation.

If you would like me to write about anything in particular you can connect with me on LinkedIn.

Welcome to teams Nordic

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teams Nordic is not a part of Microsoft, but a knowledge portal owned by Daniel Kåven.