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teams 101

Teams 101 – What is a team?

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative app, that with the use of teams enable you to create digital office spaces for your group to work together, communicate, plan and share files and information. This is part of my Teams 101 Series.

A team is a group of people working together towards a common purpose.

Team – Your digital office space

In the real world we got our physical office spaces where we have tools to help us, information stored (documents, books and more) and people to collaborate with. A team is your digital office spaces where you can work with different groups, both internal and external. This includes guests without a Microsoft 365 license as well.

When do I create a team?

When you need to gather a specific group of people around a topic or purpose and need a shared space to hold the information and communication.

What are channels?

In your digital office space you need rooms to structure the different areas of collaboration. Every team start with one such room; the General-channel. A channel consists of a discussion board called Posts, a document folder called Files and the ability to add more functionality.

To learn more about channels, read Teams 101 – What is a team channel?

Microsoft 365 Groups – The underlying structure

A teams is actually a function in what is called a Microsoft 365 Group, this is a administrative function that gives a group of people access to a set of tools and information.

For more information about groups, read Microsoft 365 Groups Simplified.


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